Diane’s Montessori

The Montessori Pre-school:

Diane’s Montessori was established in September 2002. It consists of a large fully equipped Montessori classroom with extensive outdoor play area. This makes it an ideal learning environment for the young pre – school child. As the pre-school is situated within the primary school this leads to a very easy transition into junior infants.

The school is run by Diane Horgan, a qualified Montessori teacher who holds the St. Nicholas Montessori 3–12 Diploma and a BA in Montessori Education.

Other qualifications include special education, first aid and membership of the St. Nicholas Montessori Society.

Opening Hours:

The school is open Monday to Thursday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

The school is a participant of the ECCE scheme which allows children to avail of free pre –school before they begin primary school.


For further information contact Diane@ 087 6977631



The Montessori Method


It is universally accepted by educationalists that the basis of a child’s personality is laid out in the first six years of life. Throughout this period the child is capable of absorbing a vast amount of information and learning with very little effort.

The Montessori classroom is truly prepared for the childhood discovery and ideally suited to meeting the developmental needs of the pre – school child. Daily exposure to orderly and attractive materials together with freedom within limits combine to foster the child’s interest in learning and a growth towards independence.

The child is encouraged to choose activities which enable them to become an active participant in their own learning.


There are 5 main areas in a Montessori classroom:

Practical life activities- such as washing, pouring, buttoning etc help the child to develop independent living skills and competence in caring for his own needs.


Sensorial materials: are designed to help the child develop and refine perceptions of colour, shape, size, weight, texture, smell and sound.


Language: children are encouraged to express their thought verbally. The phonetic sounds are offered to the child as they learn the alphabet.


Mathematics: the child is introduced to number concepts on a sensorial level always giving experience of the number symbol.


Cultural studies: geography, history and nature are taught informally through concrete materials.

Throughout the week children will also be introduced to arts and craft, drama, music and Irish.